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The purpose of this Manual
What is the Holocaust?
Caring for Aging Survivors
The Child Survivors

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Two gifted photographers have contributed their talents and brought life to these pages.

Yuri Dojc's images are from a series of over 80 Holocaust Survivors documented by him since 1996 in the Slovak republic. This work is in honour of Survivors everywhere and the millions who did not survive.

Orah Buck has captured the passage of time in the faces of her Baycrest portraits, demonstrating the dignity and resilience of these older Survivors.

We would like to thank the following:
  • the many contributors to this Manual; our colleagues at Baycrest Centre and those from other agencies, for sharing their expertise and commitment to quality care for elderly Holocaust Survivors
  • the Claims Conference staff for ongoing support
  • The Survivors and Family Members who shared their stories
  • Bracha and Haim Shineman, Sofie Schleifer, Krystyna and Michael Wiltosinska for assisting us with translations
  • The U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum, for the generous use of their material
  • The Holocaust Education Centre of Greater Toronto, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto