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Claims Conference
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The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) represents world Jewry in negotiating for compensation and restitution for victims of Nazi persecution and their heirs. It was founded in 1951 by 23 international Jewish organizations.

The Claims Conference administers compensation funds, recovers unclaimed Jewish property, and allocates funds to institutions that provide social welfare services to Holocaust survivors and preserve the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

When Germany was undergoing reunification in 1990, the Claims Conference negotiated for the right of original Jewish owners of property, and their heirs, to file claims for property in the former East Germany that had been stolen by the Nazis or sold under duress. The Claims Conference also negotiated for the right to recover any property that went unclaimed, so it would remain in Jewish hands instead of reverting back to the state or postwar Jewish owners.

The proceeds from that recovered property, which is sold or compensated, have generated $450 million in grants, primarily to organizations and institutions providing essential social services to needy Jewish victims of Nazism. With these funds, the Claims Conference has been able to pioneer specialized care for Holocaust Survivors in North America and throughout the world, with services ranging from medical care and equipment to hunger relief to emergency cash grants.