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Message from the President and CEO
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Since its humble beginnings, more than 90 years ago, Baycrest has been unique. What began as a small Jewish Old Folks Home is now one of the world's leading innovators in improving the quality of life for the elderly. Even though Baycrest has grown, it continues to be guided by the principles of Judaism and to have a special focus on the needs of the Jewish population.

Baycrest serves one of the largest populations of Holocaust survivors in the world, and has for more than 50 years. Over the years Baycrest has developed many specialized programs and services that support the unique needs and experiences of survivors. Our commitment to providing specialized care for Holocaust survivors is unparelled.

With support from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., Baycrest is proud to offer this new on-line version of Caring for Aging Holocaust Survivors: A Practical Manual. This important on-line tool is the culmination of our vast experience at Baycrest and contributions from caregivers around the world and can be easily adapted to help victims of any war or genocide.

The manual was created to help caregivers provide the most sensitive care possible and ultimately to help enhance the quality of life for survivors everywhere. By reaching people around the world we can share our knowledge far and wide, and include more people in the important dialogue and continuous learning process about caring for survivors.

All of this we do not because we can right the wrongs of the past, but to ensure that survivors' later years are as fulfilling and happy as possible. Those who have endured so much deserve the best quality of life we can offer.

Dr. William (Bill) Reichman President and Chief Executive Officer